I am a physiotherapist and I have been practicing Pilates for over 15 years and teaching it for over 10 years.  I met Jenny Burgess in 2016 and have been doing weekly classes with her since.  She has an incredible knowledge of Pilates repertoire, anatomy and movement - these skills along with her high-spirited and bubbly personality and eye for detail that keep me coming back every week.  No two lessons are the same, each class is tailored to what my body needs on the day and I always leave the studio feeling better than when I arrived.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny for anybody who wants to learn Pilates and more about their bodies. 

- Jeremy Hunt

I have been seeing Jenny since April 2014 to help me manage the mobility side effects of a medical condition.  I have found pilates to be very effective for this and  Jenny is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher.  The classes are small and friendly and I look forward to attending each week.

- Suna

I have been a client at Balmain Bodies for almost 10 years . 
Pilates has helped me maintain a level of fitness & flexibility to combat the stress and fatigue caused by my profession. 
A most professional studio where all staff tailor the exercise  to suit my needs.

- Natalie, Hairdresser

I originally went to Balmain Bodies to help manage my ongoing back pain.  Since my first session more than 10 years ago Jenny and her team have helped me become stronger, more flexible and pain free.  In particular, Jenny provided expert support through my pregnancy with specific pre and post natal classes.  As a result I felt healthier during my pregnancy and was able to recover quickly after having my baby.   

I would highly recommend Jenny and her team to anyone wanting to improve their strength, flexibility and well being.  I only wish I had started earlier!

- Alison Merner

I have been a client of Jennifer Burgess for over 11 years, even before ‘Balmain Bodies’ was established.

As a Pilates instructor, she caters to the individual’s needs/limitations. She teaches and demonstrates a wide range of exercises on the mat, Reformer, Cadillac, WunderChair and other Pilates equipment, at many different degrees of difficulty. She is a conscientious observer and corrector, to ensure optimal and safe performance of the exercises. 

She is also friendly and encouraging, and is an inspiration to her clients.

- Elizabeth Lin

My wife and I have been going to Balmain Bodies Pilates Studio for over 6 months now and it has been the best step in fitness and wellbeing ever. After many years of gym work and personal training, pilates is both beneficial and superior to other workouts. Jenny’s amazing instruction and knowledge guarantees we are doing it both correctly and enjoyably.

- Ken & Diane

I first went to Jenny’s studio over 9 years ago. My posture was terrible having spent years hunched over laboratory equipment such as microscopes as well as computers. I was also unfit, having little strength or stamina. I am now a completely different person. At 74, I have never been stronger or fitter and my posture has improved tremendously. Jenny is an exceptional Pilates instructor with particular interest in rehabilitation. She is totally committed to her art and I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny highly.

- Erica Gemmell 

As an older person with osteoporosis, I thought it would be very difficult to to find an exercise regime that would be safe for me.  The expertise and professionalism of Jenny Burgess at Balmain Bodies has allowed me to build strength safely and become more active than ever.  I really enjoy regularly attending her Pilates classes. Jenny's creativity means that she can adapt her lessons to suit not just my needs but those of other clients who need particular attention because of injury or an ongoing condition. 

- Fran