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Jenny Burgess

I started ballet at the tender age of 3 and continued to study full-time ballet in my teens. I enjoyed a career in dance which resulted in travelling around the world dancing and then on my return to Australia I ran my own ballet school, choreographed and produced shows. 

My crossover into the world of fitness started in the early 1980's when I become a Jane Fonda Workout instructor. 

I subsequently taught aerobics, step classes and body conditioning for many years. I enjoyed being fitness editor of Australian Slimming Magazine from 1985 to 2000.  However my body was suffering from wear and tear and it was my discovery of the Pilates method that led me down the path I will continue on for the rest of my life

Pilates history:
* 2004-2008  full studio certification (600 hours) Pilates Moves
*2011 received certification as 2nd generation Pilates teacher after a 2 year training programme in the USA with Lolita San Miguel ( 1st generation teacher certified by Joseph Pilates)
* 2007 opened Balmain Bodies Pilates Studio
*2014 I was invited to teach at an international conference in Monchengladbach, the birthplace of Joseph Pilates. 

I continue to train with world leaders in the pilates Method to ensure  that my clients receive first class instruction



After many years as a professional dancer, teacher, actor and choreographer Jenni discovered Pilates.  For her, Pilates provided the perfect solution for someone who was keen to keep fit, agile and strong for life. 

Overcoming shoulder injuries and personally experiencing the benefits of Pilates Jenni decided to become an instructor.  Training with Helen Tardent of Pilates Moves she also qualified as a personal trainer and has been teaching at Balmain Bodies for the last six years.  For Jenni the most rewarding part of teaching is seeing the improvement in clients of all ages develop better body awareness, posture and confidence as they embrace the Pilates philosophy. 

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Working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years I have always had a love for performing, human interaction and making people feel great about themselves.
I was always active and fit and incorporated Pilates into my fitness routine as I have suffered back pain all my life .

After doing my Pilates course and working closely with the clients at Balmain Bodies I look forward to continuing to bring diversity, understanding, high energy and lots of fun to every single class ! I love throwing something fun into the mix and I want people to love every session!



I started dancing at the age of 3 and have always loved being active.
I am a very busy Mum of 5, but believe it is very important for women to find the time for themselves to do something they love and for me this is Pilates.
I have studied as a student with Jenny Burgess at Balmain Bodies for the past 5 years and from my very first lesson I was ‘ hooked’ and knew I would need to practice this forever!

This inspired me to become an instructor where I obtained my certificate last year and started teaching. 

I love how Pilates makes my body and mind feel strong enough to be able to go about my daily life of running around after small children and keeping up with them!!!

I enjoy teaching people of all ages and lifestyles and seeing the benefits Pilates gives them.  I look forward to sharing my passion and Pilates journey with you !