Is Pilates suitable for preventing or fixing injuries?

Pilates looks a little tame for me - how do I get a cardio workout?

Will Pilates help me become slimmer?

What is Pilates?

Why Pilates and not the gym?

Do I have to book my sessions?

Who was Joseph Pilates?

Will Pilates help me get a flatter stomach?

I am pregnant. Can I continue to do Pilates?

Prices at Balmain Bodies

  • All sessions must be booked in advance
  • All major credit cards and eftpos accepted
  • 24 hour cancellation policy
  • NO direct debit
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Type of session Group sessions Private sessions
Casual visit $48 $105
5 pack $225
(expiry 5 weeks)
(expiry 5 weeks)
10 pack $400
(expiry 3 months)
(expiry 10 weeks)
20 pack $700
(expiry 6 months)

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